Red is the colour of new beginnings
May 19, 2012

Red is the colour of new beginnings

In color therapy the RED energy is referred to as the color of new life and new beginnings.

Spring is the Time for New Beginnings

In colour therapy the RED energy is referred to as the colour of new life and new beginnings. And it is through our RED energy that we build-up our foundation.
Since RED is connected to the first chakra it is the energy that takes responsibility for pushing our chi up throughout our whole system. RED helps to strengthen our life force and physical vitality as well as encouraging inner confidence. When we start a project it is important that we have an abundance of RED energy so that we have the right energy necessary to help us complete the task. When our RED energy is strong then it is virtually impossible for us to run out of gas. RED is the fuel that feeds our body the vital energy that empowers us to reach the end of our goals. So this month use the power of RED in everything that you do, especially when beginning any new projects!

Since the month of April signifies the energy of the RED ray, it is an ideal time for you to start new things. Spring is also the time of year to do spring cleaning. Not only is it a
good time to clean your house but to also clean your personal energy. When your aura is vibrant and free flowing it allows you to accept newness into your life. However,
if your energy field is cluttered then your energy field is too congested to attract the things that you may want or deserve.

The essence Aura Gioia is the right solution to make bright and vibrant your aura and balance your energy.

You can find in our e-shop also other color products Red, as  Body Red oil Armonie , essential oil Colour Chakra (coded with Colour vibration)  l'Acqua di Colore Rosso, the best tool forintegrate in your body Red Energy!

Fill up with Red Energy ... the energy of Life and Love!

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