Body Energy Balance

Body Energy Balance

Simply .. Balance with the power of color!

The most important aspect to be considered for the proper use of our chromotherapy products , for your daily well-being, is the energy balance of your energy centers - in Sanskrit Chakra.

Chakras are energy vortexes that support all the neurobiological system of the body and govern the seven major glands of the human body. Every thought, every emotion influences the enzyme system creating balance or imbalance.

There are no neutral thoughts, every thought affects the enzyme system and therefore on our health. Metabolism is based on enzymes and every thought creates a chemical reaction, every chemical reaction emits light. The human being is a light emitting and this should be a huge motivation to cultivate positive thoughts.

The Energy Balance is designed to bring harmony in the energy system, in the space of a very short time giving a sense of stability, clarity of thought, calm and balance. The color acts quickly on cellular memories and reminds the body that can act that potential which is normally dormant.

Tips for your Energy Balance

The first thing you'll want to do to know your energy level is a (Energy Map) Mappa delle Energie. The map will tell you clearly what are your energy centers more energized and those who urgently need to be "recharged".


To refill your energy tanks you can use the following products::


Acqua di Colore
for a colorful bathroom rebalancing.
Colour Chakra Kit 9 Colours
Essential oils coded with the vibration of the color

To learn about the methodology of using the products, the timing and the "right" colors to use, ask for a free consultation and our experts will answer you!

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