Jun 05, 2016

Food glorious food!

Know the color of foods helps us to easily identify the properties of the foods and the benefits they bring to our daily diet.

We start our COLOR DIET and in this article we explore the properties and benefits of BLUE / PURPLE foods.

Colour Diet, the benefits of Blu-Violet foods


May 12, 2016

When we talk of colors, to go in to the depth of color we must also talk about many other things in physics, chemistry, neurobiology, awareness, thoughts, emotions, habits, feelings and more.

Because the colors are all this and more.

Colour is Life!


May 05, 2016

According biophysics man is not only a chemical compound controlled by chemical reactions. Man like any other living organism emits and receives radiation.
Every living element has its own energy field, footprint, on which act the remedies and the vibrational technologies. Their frequency and balances "heals" the energy system, through the physical body.

Can we heal with Vibrational Remedies?

Apr 28, 2016

Energetic Therapy is a method, safe, non-invasive way to rebalance the rhythms and the natural vibrations of the body. They take different forms, including colors, sounds, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. Each of these works on the body's chakra system, which is the etheric link to endocrine (glands).

What are the Energy Therapies?


Aug 08, 2014

Every living organism has an energy field that is in constant interaction with other energy fields that belong to other people and to the environment itself.

The Importance of Energy Medicine and Color

May 19, 2012

In color therapy the RED energy is referred to as the color of new life and new beginnings.

Red is the colour of new beginnings