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Quality Assurance, Code of Ethics: we like to call our products "Color Tools" because they help you to have access to the energy of color and sound.

Ethical code We exclusively use recycled materials and materials that can in turn be recycled throughout the product marketing process.

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Quality and Ethics Code

We like to call our products "Color Tools" because they help you to have access to the energy of color.

Acqua di Colore is a liquid colour that you can fill in the bath tube water and it is composed of non-toxic organic substances, and the pigments are formed from the elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements are mixed together we are able to see the color (similar to the rainbow). The typical color assumed by the various dyes is due to absorption of a specific wavelength in the visible spectrum, linked to the existence of a conjugated system that favors the delocalization of the electrons.


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Product features

Alchemy belongs to the sphere of processes can not be explained by a linear and logical point of view, but in this section we will try to give a relatively simple explanation. The human energy system, in total driving as many as 7 energy systems related to 7 colors / levels of intelligence. Each energy system consists of 4 levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) which interchange information with one another

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Special Alchemy Essences

Colour & Sound Philosophy

Philosophy of the colour

The color is pure energy. Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and power that reaches us through the sun's rays. Light stimulates the endocrine system of our body, which is connected to our 3 energy systems, meridians, chakras, aura.

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Colour & Sound philosophy

Simply .. Balance with the power of color!

The most important aspect to be considered for the proper use of our chromotherapy products , for your daily well-being, is the energy balance of your energy centers - in Sanskrit Chakra.

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Body Energy Balance