Ailight is a Colour Energy School and a Wellness Center that deals with the worldwide distribution of vibrational remedies, education and multi-sensorial wellness projects with flowers, sounds and colors.



Emotional and vibrational harmony with the body dimension

The project "ili" flowers, sounds and colors proposes a concept of multisensorial wellbeing, which generates emotion and harmonic vibration among body, mind and soul.

The real multisensorial wellbeing is achieved only when it reaches an equilibrium point on the four basic levels of the human energetic patterns: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This horizontal balance, is achieved through the vertical equilibrium of all the energy centers, and the coherent exchange of information between all the centers.

Vibrational communication

The human body has a very complex energy pattern composed of thousands of energy connections and communication is a key element. The human evolution can not start without the activation of energy interconnections. Communication means being able to listen the needs of the physical body, to know the functioning of the mind and the purpose of the soul. Our sensory system works through the emotions. A thought, which generates light, affects the entire biological , energetic and vibrational system.

Universal languages

-   The flowers are the first light that turns on the system of the human being, are our helpers

-   The sound vibrates the emotions .... and not only

-   The Colour, leading to deeper understanding of ourselves, the evolution of human intelligence, awakening sopite inner informations.
Flowers, Sounds and Colours, harmonized at vibrational level with each other, generating a evolution synergistic effect that we call Multisensorial Wellness.




La Scuola sul'Energia del Colore (School of Colour Energy Language)

Multisensory Training

The multisensory training are reserved to operators of sector and the training to become Colour Coach.

May have access: Holistic Doctors, Homeopaths, Holistic, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, therapists, professionals in the field of wellness to be able to document their professional preparation and attention.