Colour is Life!
May 12, 2016

Colour is Life!

When we talk of colors, to go in to the depth of color we must also talk about many other things in physics, chemistry, neurobiology, awareness, thoughts, emotions, habits, feelings and more.

Because the colors are all this and more.


Our eyes are used to seeing color in a static way, limited, but this is an absurd vision. The color of the real one is alive; walking, running, talking, listening, grows, laughs, cries, tells, writes, paints, sleep, dance, meditate, pray, get angry, but above all else  IS VIBRANT!

Just like a person. Because the colors are the soul and the matrix of every living thing. All that is around us, nature, animals, everything that is manifest may not exist in the absence of light and color.

The color is light, the color is nourishment, the color is healing as Nobel laureate scientists discovered in 1990. The colors are the purest energies that exist, without any contamination and the higher the vibrations that transmit the greater the energy that the colors they offer us.

The colors are present in all kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal, human, superhuman and divine.

But in humans the colors you internalize and eventually can experience freedom. Through awareness or self-consciousness, every human being can choose joy or suffering, the lofty thoughts or low thoughts, the externality, the liability or the dynamism, crystallization or the creation, regeneration or death.

Every choice, creates a corresponding color and each color radiates out creating around their physical body aura.

But how do you create the colors? Just formulate a thought, and immediately the thought becomes a form on the outside of those who have thought it. The same is true of an emotion, a desire, a feeling. And again you might ask: "why thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings are colors?"

Because there is nothing separate. There is one energy that takes different forms depending on how we use it in the event.

If we had advanced enough we could see that a human being is solidified color and that color is solidified thought and that thought is sound and that sound is also music etc ...


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