What are the Energy Therapies?

What are the Energy Therapies?

Energetic Therapy is a method, safe, non-invasive way to rebalance the rhythms and the natural vibrations of the body. They take different forms, including colors, sounds, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. Each of these works on the body's chakra system, which is the etheric link to endocrine (glands).

But what it is actually the energy?

Everything we touch, see, hear, feel and smell is a vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates at a different frequency or speed. The higher or faster is the vibration becomes light, but if the vibration is smaller becomes slower and is more solid. It 'easy to see the practical demonstration of this concept with water. When it cools the frequency or speed of movement of the molecules slows down to become solid ice, but as soon as it warms the molecules become super fast and the water turns into steam becomes. And always just water, but if his energy movement goes at different speeds change its properties. Everything is made of molecules and is influenced in exactly this way.

Some frequencies are detectable by the human perception, while others are beyond our understanding. Think of the rainbow, at one end of the spectrum we have the purple that has a moving incredibly fast and secondly we have red, which has a slower movement, but beyond the violet there are ultraviolet rays (so fast we can not see them) and also infrared rays (so slow that we can not see them). If we go over the radio waves and gamma rays, etc .. and all these frequencies are light ... or energy. Each person has their own unique frequency or vibration and when this frequency is out of alignment we get sick.

Energetic Therapies are concerned with balancing these frequencies in order to activate those mechanisms that allow us to heal ourselves and have been used for thousands of years. Many modern treatments and medicines are based on these concepts. Has anyone ever heard of radiotherapy? It 'a very useful treatment in cancer treatment.

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