Special Alchemy Essences

Special Alchemy Essences

Alchemy belongs to the sphere of processes can not be explained by a linear and logical point of view, but in this section we will try to give a relatively simple explanation. The human energy system, in total driving as many as 7 energy systems related to 7 colors / levels of intelligence. Each energy system consists of 4 levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) which interchange information with one another

This complex system is activated using the energy channels of the following systems:

- The Meridian System
- The Chakra System
- The Aura system


We are our station of energy and without the use of other raw materials, except for the food, water and sunshine, meld together to create our energy. This process is complicated and several participants are involved, such as blood, enzymes, stomach and other organs. However, the energy is the predominant element in the human being and the nature of energy is expressed through frequencies and vibration harmonics and creating more complex structures. Human thought is light, generates the frequency and the colors of the energy pulses and frequencies constantly changing constantly (Aura).


What happen with Toughts?

Thoughts generate energy intensive activities, absorbing up to a 60/70% of energy in times of stress. We must understand that the quality of thoughts is a determinant of good health and good living. It 's very important to understand that we must "choose our own thoughts" determining its quality, defining the level of optimism, of balance.

Being able to give direction to your thoughts is not an easy aspect, also because living in a community also suffer the influence of the thoughts of others and is at this point that we Alchemical Essences come in handy!


Alchemy Essences

We can define the chemistry a set of processes whose active amount in turn of much higher character processes compared to the starting point.


The Alchemical Essences that are in our Shop are of various kinds and levels.

Essences with Sounds have the ability to harmonize together the three energy systems: meridians, chakras and aura with the living matrix

Alchemical essences of Antony Cooper operate at the highest level on the protection grids, the Akashic records with specific themes.

The high vibration Alchemical essences contain vital energies of special herbs and essential oils, loaded with energy healing power of crystals and other natural structures.

Each product you can find all the information, user tips in order to choose the most suitable product for your needs! If you need advice, please contact us.


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