Colour & Sound philosophy

Colour & Sound philosophy

Colour & Sound Philosophy

Philosophy of the colour

The color is pure energy. Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and power that reaches us through the sun's rays. Light stimulates the endocrine system of our body, which is connected to our 3 energy systems, meridians, chakras, aura.

 All organs, systems and body functions are related to these three energy systems. The light consists of seven energies of color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Our body absorbs the light energy to be fed daily. Even our senses can receive the energy of the color through a balance of foods colored differently, herbs, vitamins, minerals, crystals, aromatherapy, essences, sounds, clothing, furniture and baths in the tub with the colored water.


Colour Therapy

The beneficial influence of the color has been well documented throughout history from ancient Egypt to the great writers and thinkers such as Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. Today, many specialized therapists and alternative practitioners use color in their methods of healing. Scientists have shown that the color not only affects mood, energy, feelings and behaviors, but they have a real impact on the physiology. Some studies have shown that the color red increases the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. it is interesting that the people who have the same illness avoid the same color. Why do we prefer certain colors and avoid others? As we consider various different reactions to the various colors we can learn a lot about ourselves and how we use energy. This concept can be difficult to grasp for someone, because the color does not have an essence material, but it is pure energy luminescent.
With music we hear the sound but not see sound waves, but certain songs make us happy or sad while others will energize or relax us. Imagine the full awakening of our senses when you combine the music with the energy of Water Color and Aromatherapy!

The Power of Sound

The sound accompanies us every day of our lives, in various forms, voice, music, sound, and has the power to influence our emotions in a positive or negative. There are sounds, like the sound of traffic or sirens, which reduce our energy level. It 'very interesting to study the sound, because we are only influenced by the sounds we hear, but we are also influenced by other vibrations that our body absorbs energy from the environment, such as radio waves, microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies. There are also sounds, like that of crystal bowls, which have the ability to raise our energy level, and when we have the opportunity to live this experience, something inside of us is forever changed, by opening our minds to life scenarios different.

The magic of water

Water is truly a sacred element. It was revered by civilizations for hundreds of years. Water has remarkable properties, and it is exploring these properties we can better understand how it helps us to nurture and maintain the integrity of the energy of our body inserting vibrations. Our energy body is the structure of our physical body and imbalances in the energy field are manifested in the physical body. Water is the lifeblood of the universe, which helps us to maintain balance in our energy field (Aura) and delivers the messages dell'Essences with sounds, for our overall well

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