Quality and Ethics Code

Quality and Ethics Code

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Quality Assurance, Code of Ethics: we like to call our products "Color Tools" because they help you to have access to the energy of color and sound.

Ethical code We exclusively use recycled materials and materials that can in turn be recycled throughout the product marketing process.


Our product "Acqua di Colore" in the bottle is meant to correct recycling program.

Our line consists of organic packaging, high quality and environmentally friendly. We source directly from manufacturers in different countries to ensure unique products and essential oils and blends of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Quality Assurance : Consistent superior quality and a growing awareness are the hallmarks of our success. No effort is spared to maintain our strict quality standards, which allows us to absolutely guarantee all our products! We use an approach for a production of excellence.

All our raw materials are delivered with each delivery Certificate of Analysis and are re-checked prior to production to ensure optimum quality production.

Once the finished product is analyzed by the Quality Control Laboratory before it is released.

To remain leaders and pioneers in the field of the color of energy, we are constantly looking for new products to complement our line that will help people to reach their full potential physically, mentally and spiritually! Because our personal energy demands of rapidly changing, we are in a position to help you, our customers, to be at the forefront of the vibrational remedies.

If you have any questions, please call us for our assistance.

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