Can we heal with Vibrational Remedies?
May 05, 2016

Can we heal with Vibrational Remedies?

According biophysics man is not only a chemical compound controlled by chemical reactions. Man like any other living organism emits and receives radiation.
Every living element has its own energy field, footprint, on which act the remedies and the vibrational technologies. Their frequency and balances "heals" the energy system, through the physical body.


Eng. Lakhovsky believed that what we attribute to the instinct animal, such as the sense of direction of birds and fish, is the result of emission and reception of electromagnetic waves and particularly of cosmic radiation.

Georges Lakhovsky Biologist and Russian Engieer (1870 – 1942)
"A cell is schematically constituted by a cellular protoplasm surrounded by a cell membrane. In the protoplasm it is immersed the core constituted by a tubular filament containing liquid conductor wrapped in insulating chromatic substance. It can be considered a microscopic oscillating circuit having a given of very short wave length. The core closely resembles the oscillating circuit of Hertz since it is a real circuit with Self induction and therefore capacity susceptible to oscillate and resonate with very high frequency. The induction coil is represented by the continuous loop of nuclear filament, the capacitor is given by the capacity between the two extremes of the same strand. "

Rupert Sheldrake, found that between different living beings exist relationships that defy logical explanation. He called them, morphogenetic fields, or fields that allow these connections without the need for material and transmission of information. Anyone can 'get experience of these long independent courts and space and they become one reality and act like they were one: for example, in a concert hall where reigns an inexplicable harmony, where it develops a symphony, an agreement. Meditation also allows these experiences in areas not perceptible with the logic and not visible but nevertheless guessed.

The world of modern physics shows that reigns an inexplicable synchronism. The phenomena that occur in morphogenetic fields occur synchronously. Even the doctrine of analogy is in perfect harmony with the idea of morphogenetic fields.


What are vibrational remedies?

The methods and vibrational remedies work with the "cause" of the problem, do not fight against the inconvenience or disturbance but align the individual to what "positive and naturally" pre-exists to his problem. Colors and sounds are pure vibration and are key players in the sector, but they are part of the vibrational remedies even those that come from flowers, gems, minerals. For their vibrational characteristic , they normally do not contain the physical parts of the substance from which they derive, but they are "impregnated" energetically.

It is 'increasing the number of people who have become frustrated by a chronic health problem, that just will not want to leave, despite the countless attempts at resolution. Often these people resort only when it is too late to energy medicine, able to give balance and wellness.

The best strategy, however, would be to prevent, despite the excellent results that can be achieved in full-blown disorder.

The difference between energy medicine and Western medicine is like day and night. Unfortunately, in fact, Western medicine has not yet recognized the influence of subtle energies on our lives. Yet energy medicine can improve the quality of life!

5 Good reasons it may be important to rely on energy medicine

We first want to emphasize that conventional medicine plays an important role of life-saving. In very serious situations, such as surgical procedures they are essential. For other disorders, however, the energy medicine is a fundamental thing: trying to help people to get back to the reason of their illness. We must always remember that our physical body is only a reflection of our thoughts, perceptions and behavior.

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, "if we change the way we look at things, the things you look at will change." Simply put, our thoughts and feelings have a huge influence on our lives, both from the physical point of view spirituale.Questo is a fundamental principle of energy medicine.

1. Energy medicine helps to release the negative emotions that tend to be an obstacle to the flow of our lives. So often when we experience an emotionally painful time, we develop the inner blocks, causing tremendous physical pain, if left unchecked. The loss of a loved one, chronic stress neglected, as well as low self-esteem can cause serious health problems, including cancer.

2. The best form of preventive medicine is energy medicine. Never ignore your inner voice: it represents our highest intelligence that speaks to us. To strengthen the ability to get a balanced lifestyle, the first thing we seek to serve every morning is to listen and to balance our 3 energy systems . The key is to follow the daily practices using a balanced food, good exercise and daily exercises of thought education. The colors are our best companions, because they are cheerful and communicate with the unconscious perfectly. This will improve the ability to make sound decisions in life.

3. Energy medicine activates our consciences and consequently the ability to communicate with ourselves and to become the best "doctors". The incredible body intelligence system automatically communicate to the mind the best strategies to follow to stay healthy.

4. Energy techniques can allow us to reconnect to our source of energy. Too often we ignore the fact that many problems of the world today are the result of our being so disconnected from nature. True happiness comes not from outside influences. As soon as we get back in touch with nature, it reveals our true self.

5. Energy medicine can help to heal the body from the inside out, or tune the frequencies of the body to their original healthy frequency.


The vibrational remedies are "preparations" free of chemicals, derived from what exists in nature and exploiting the memory of water to store and transfer the vibration characteristics of the people who use them.

With vibrational remedies we talk about Resonance, as in music: the vibrations contained in the remedy, stimulate the body / mind to recall the harmony. They act like a tuning fork, which generates a reference note to refer to replenish the right sound of the instrument.
There is a science, Cymatics, which concerns the effect of sound vibrations on the forms. Water, dust, atoms, when they enter in relation with certain sounds, are arranged in space in particular ways. There is similarity between the effect that sound vibrations have on the matter and that those remedies vibrations - we're talking about - have on human beings.

The whole range of Vibrational Remedies Color and Sound, including Bach Flowers, all floral repertoires, animals, crystal clear, absolutely not classified as medicines. DO NOT CONTAIN ANY CHEMICALS, they do not generate organic disorders. Freely buy in health food stores and in some pharmacies, as well as via Interneti. 


We'll take care of this, as a study center and school, as a consultancy, and in these pages, you can find lots of information about the vibrational remedies and tips on using. The care and healing are two distinct principles. Healing involves an active process that leads to awareness and embracing all (holos) being in its various physical, psychological, mental, spiritual. The care is the choice of remedies that daily maintain the overall balance of our body system, mind, spirit.

You can visit our sectionColour Education, a section dedicated to the knowledge and of course in our shop area you can find Vibrational Remedies highly effective Professional.

We recommend you to try new things and give you a real chance to change your thinking and your belief system. There is, also, a chance to heal faster and not to get sick ... ever!


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