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The Color Wellness method is based on a very long research time and is the global synthesis of an effective integrated wellbeing system of body, mind and spirit. The effectiveness of these treatments is extraordinary.
Vibrational treatments with oils encoded with color energy and Essences with Sounds are an exclusive proposal of Ailight, which will add success to your business.

Knowledge and work with the individual needs of your customers will bring your business to a higher level! Ailight is an expert in Products and in the Color Energy Study.

It is through professionally delivered health and wellness programs that people learn how to use and support their body on a conscious level, find personal fulfi llment and be happy in life.

The Color Wellness method is configured as a method at the highest level, used in the best 5-star SPA.

The 4 strengths of the Color Wellness method:

1 - Very high efficacy, the Color works for you
2 - Exclusive Professional Innovation
3 - Unique and exclusive products of the highest quality
4 - No structural investment


The principles of the Colour Wellness Spiritual Beauty Method

  • A new way of being a beautician or holistic operator, is not a course but a path, a form of thought that leads you to see beyond appearances, into the world of subtle harmonic energies and vibrations that transform the human soul revealing the essence of timeless beauty. This aspect is not considered in traditional treatments, but today it is possible to integrate it through new methods of treatment. We use the most powerfull tool of the universe, the Light.

    The human body is an instrument which, in order to emanate a sublime sound, needs to be ACCORDED, and this is the founding principle of the Color Wellness Method. The method uses a set of products specifically designed for the harmonious rebalancing of the body and beauty!

    We have captured the light, the sounds and the colors of nature and we have enclosed them in the bottle, creating a method composed of precious oils blends and essences for the body, each one in accord with a sound and a color. You will discover the pleasure of shining, of finding beauty, freshness and joy of life.

    Think of the body as an instrument with a sublime sound and that only with the right agreement ... generates that luminous beauty that makes your body vibrate in harmony.

    The Color Wellness - Spiritual Beauty method is:

    - an highly evolved holistic method
    - vibrational energy
    - harmonious connection between body, mind and spirit
    - self awareness
    - school and training
    - quantum physics

         The main benefits are:

  • Reconnect with your higher Self and be guided in every present moment
  • Free yourself from stress and disturbing or traumatic memorie
  • Regain vitality, serenity and joy of living
  • Increase your vision and awareness level
  • Develop your attention, a more discerning mind and make conscious realisations
  • Works on the hormonal system by activating anti-aging processes
  • Reactivates the natural brightness of the skin
  • Acknowledge your true identity
  • Express your full potential

This type of treatment marries concepts of quantum physics. In more comprehensible terms it reignites dormant memories, eliminates emotional blocks, allowing the body to vibrate in perfect resonance with itself. The process takes place through an evolved alchemical process combined with special sound waves (UFSW):

      - 8 Quantum Vibrational treatments colors and sounds

  1. Equilibrium - Anti-aging
  2. Treatment Energy Plus - Firming metabolic activator
  3. Treatment Joy of senses - It reactivates all healing processes
  4. Treatment Purity - Detoxifying, anti-cellulite, depurative
  5. Treatment Wellness - Activator of the circulatory and lymphatic system
  6. Treatment Relax - Toning, antibacterial relaxing muscle and mental
  7. Treatment Pineal, the Secret of eternal youth
  8. Treatment Freedom and Lightness - Anti-wrinkle, decongestant, relaxing

What is the secret of the method?
It is a method that produces melodious sound waves in order to create other waves. The vibration of these activate more subtle sound waves. The process on which the Color Wellness Method is based on the symbiotic consistency of these three layers, which includes "Unified Fields of Sound Waves" (UFSW) useful for human beings and the environment.
The UFSW revitalize the water, optimize its conductivity and protect it from the disturbing impact of all forms of stress (eg memories, personal situations, relationships, telluric and electromagnetic environment). This leads to a clear and flowing flow of information in 100% of body fluids, which support the good functioning of the body and ensure its natural well-being, as well as a greater awareness for self-knowledge

Vital support is scientifically demonstrated

The beneficial effects of the method on the body have been demonstrated with various tests, studies and observations made by independent researchers and physicians well known in their fields of expertise.

In conclusion, these tests show that, by revitalizing the water in the body, the UFSW positively act on a physical and subtle level to reach the dimensions of the human being.

Test by Masaru Emoto's on Iced water crystals


The photographs above show crystals of water frozen before (1) and after (2), (3), (4), (5) the revitalization of the sound sequences. The crystals of iced water have regained the natural form of hexagonal "star" (5), characteristic of "revitalized" water, ideal for maintaining good health.

Test on human blood
The effect that protects against electromagnetic pollution has been demonstrated through a test on human blood using the darkfield microscope technology, conducted by Dr. Domingo Perez Leon, Director of the Biological Institute of Health in Madrid and Pam Layfield. researcher in nutritional microscopy and member of the International Microscopy Association. 


Test by Dr Domingo Perez Leon conducted at the Biological Institute of Health in Madrid.

1) Blood sample of a patient just before starting test.

2) Blood sample of same patient while being subjected to the electromagnetic field of a mobile phone: we can see that the red blood cells have formed lines of cells stacked together, know as the "Rouleau Effect", which indicates a lack of oxygen in the blood, intestinal stress and acidity of the patient's base average.

3) Blood sample of the same patient still exposed to the electromagnetic field of mobile phone while being exposed for an hour to the sound waves frequencies UFSW . We can see that the red blood cells have separated, which signals a clear enhancement of the oxygenation of the patient's blood, and that the disturbance produced by electromagnetic field of the mobile phone has been neutralised.

An extensive array of beneficial effects

  • - Accelerated release of stress and disturbing or traumatic memories
  • - Reconnection to, and better presence with, your inner and higher Selves
  • - Anchoring, connection, alignment
  • - Increased overall well-being, better sleep
  • - Improved natural vitality
  • - Letting go, a quite and relaxed mind, inner peace, serenity, plenitude...
  • - Increased creativity, attention concentration
  • - Increased self-confidence
  • - Joy of living
  • - Increased physical and intellectual performance
  • - Improved intuition and sensory perception
  • - Improved ability to make important realisations
  • - Increased awareness of intimate relationship
  • - Reduction of electro hypersensitivity
  • - Effective support of all therapies and treatments, from allopathy to energy healing
  • - Optimizes the practice of wellness activities for better mind and body balance (Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Sports, Coaching...)
  • - Optimizes activities related to environmental well-being (Feng-Shui, Geobiology, Dowsing)
  • - Beneficial effects for animals and plants
  • - Revitalisation of water and improved water conductivity



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