Program of “Colour School”

School form the professional profile of Colour Coach, expert in the language of color, through a structured program of courses.

The courses of the School of Energy Colour let you know the language of color and apply it to various areas of work or private life. We have courses for all people and courses reserved to holistic practitioners or therapists.
The Colour is immanent, because any living being and every thing have a colour that determines their shape. The knowledge of the language of colors, enables people to interpret and use color correctly in their lives. The Colour, as well as proposed in our training, is an evolutionary path that leads to the discovery of oneself and one's ability and / or potential. We associate to each level of intelligence a color that uniquely identifies the way in which this level of intelligence manifests itself and acts. On the website you will find detailed information on job opportunities for the courses of the School of Energy Colour.

The Course "Il Potere dei 7 Colori" (base course)  is a path of personal development through the seven energies of colors, which represent the basis for knowing the language of color. Colours, like most of what should be taught, must be understood and felt because all colors live on the line between good and evil, we need to know and understand our strengths and weaknesses, since this is one space where humans are moving throughout life. It is what we chose that determines where we go, are the choices we make between the choice of a good or a bad solution or an act good or bad that creates us and forms us. Therefore, the choice between a positive or negative is a fundamental concept for your development.

What you will learn with us, is the language of Colour and with this language you can go as far as you want. The language is all, self-understanding of themselves and consciousness. And more you learn, more you feel the sensation of be masters of your own energies of color. Only then can you confidently say I KNOW MYSELF.

This study is organized as a self-experience of the Energy of Colour, and is a study that can be done after work or as you proceed with your program of study. Knowledge must be understood on the basis of the perception of yourself. For this reason, it is not necessary an exam, because every person is perfect as it is, and can not be measured with a test.
But we have an exam because we advise you to educate yourself further and we need your perception of how you see the other people in connection with our philosophy of color. You can continue the studies to obtain a diploma after the examination.

Our test will confirm the knowledge you have acquired, the fundamental bases of the language of color, as the genetic structure is built, and what are the innate mental and emotional resources. Based on this foundation of self-knowledge, you can develop and educate themselves even further, through the proper use of the energy of the colors. But to be able to do this, you will need our Study of Colour Coach 2nd level. With this study we will tell you WHO ARE YOU.

Our studies are based on the fundamental understanding of what is the vital energy, and our language of colors is based on the immanent energy of each color, which contains the same basic substance, the foundation of all other living species. If you do not understand who you are, or who you can become, then you're almost like a robot. Other people have to teach a robot what must be, because a robot is not conscious of what should be, and is not aware of what it means "to be", or to have the ability to create.

Our studies are based on an understanding of the consciousness of themselves. And that real understanding of themselves, as mentioned before, can not be learned through the memorisation or through the experiences of others. It is simply applied a force, a sort of inspirational force.

All the energies of Colour must be understood as a transformation of light energy into total body awareness. It is developed through an exchange of memories stored in the body in four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and with the understanding of what we experience through our conscious thoughts and feelings.

The experience "here and now" is fast and complex of all that is in you, that no computer could make a print to tell what is experienced in the present moment, but it is often called awakening, a kind of awakening of consciousness of yourself, like a meeting.

We can go through this state of consciousness and to relive again when we have the inspiration. And the inspiration is something that happens with intuition, the pure intuition of new sources of information, or by phenomena lived through personal experience. And if we use the knowledge of the language of colors, we have the opportunity to drive the information in the direction where they belong, and then raise our level of consciousness.