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Come and work with us, becomes Colour Coach!

Who is the Colour Coach?

The job of the coach is to guide their patients or client to the understanding of what they want or to the understanding of what they must do to satisfy their desires or ambitions. A Coach is a guide that helps to regain confidence in themselves to achieve what you want. Our training courses to become Colour Coach take place in the same way, but we use the language of Colour, an universal language that is understood by the entire human system.

For those who wish to become Colour Coach is essential to have least education compulsory to be able to participate in our studies.

Who is the training meant for?
To all the people who are interested in learning the language of Colour, all operators of wellness, cousellor, coach, pharmacists, naturopaths who want to integrate the language of color in their business.

How can I do to become Colour Coach?
The first step to becoming Colour Coach, is developed through the study of the 1st module based training: the course ”Il Potere dei 7 Colori”.


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Energetic Therapy is a method, safe, non-invasive way to rebalance the rhythms and the natural vibrations of the body. They take different forms, including colors, sounds, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. Each of these works on the body's chakra system, which is the etheric link to endocrine (glands).

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