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Colour Yellow tips


Solarize your sun centre! Cleanse your body and mind with the YELLOW ray. YELLOW activates the release of negative thoughts so that you can have an optimistic and sunny outlook on any situation. Increases memory power.



• Enhance mind power and memory abilities. YELLOW is said to help in cases of Alzheimer’s and memory loss or mental fatigue. Ideal to support clarity of mind when studying.

• Balance the intellect with your self-confidence and ego power.

• Help with control issues. YELLOW is your sun centre and therefore encourages positive thoughts and a sunny disposition.

• Stimulate the upper digestive system. If you have a sluggish liver or your body is polluted, YELLOW can aid in the release of toxins through your skin or by helping to regulate bowel movements.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use YELLOW if you have a nervous condition or heart palpitations.

IMBALANCES: Digestive problems, flatulence, ulcers, diabetes,hypoglycemia, constipation. Food allergies, hyperthyroidism, gallstones. Mental and nervous exhaustion. Nervousness, toxicity,parasites, colitis, poor memory. Breathing difficulties. Skin diseases. Parasites and high toxin levels. Heart palpitations.



Colour therapy water

ACQUA DI COLORE – The YELLOW COLOUR WATER  - Wisdom, Clarity, Self-Esteem -  Colour Water is a vibrational remedy formulated into a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

Essential oil synergic blends

COLOUR CHAKRA YELLOW - Essential Oil  A refreshing combination of oils to help increase your mind power, keep you alert and exhilarate your being.

CLARITY & PURITY -  Harmony Essential Oil   Aids digestion and helps eliminate toxins.

Colour & Sound Essence 

Meridian  TERRA (Earth) TThe Earth Meridian essence physically supports the digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, lack of energy, weak muscles and weight issues.


Chakra YELLOW CHAKRA TONE & SEMITONE  - The Chakra essences hold the imprint of the vibration of each note and the semitone of harmonic scale. As the vibration of colours and sounds co-exist , it has been noted that once the vibration of sound has charged the essence, so too has the vibration of colour inherently charged the essence.


Aura SEGRETI DALL'UNIVERSO (Secrets of the  Universe) - Colour & Sound spray essence Stargate is created in honor of the number six, the optimally functional hexagon, which represents harmony, balance, synthesis and unconditional love.


Archangel Blessing Essence  JOPHIEL - -  Jophiel, the Angel of Creative Power, leads us to discover the light within us.

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