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Colour Violet tips


Violet is the expression of the highest oscillation in the visible range and is known as the colour for meditation and spiritual
enlightenment. When seeking a higher creative energy, use the Violet colour. Violet represents your connection to the highest power and deepens your spiritual beliefs and values. It integrates your consciousness with your subconsciousness, allowing you to connect to the universal super consciousness.



• Connect to your inspiration and strengthen your spiritual values. Violet is the energy of a higher knowingness and your right to aspire to and reach your visions and dreams.

• Alleviate emotional problems and clear the situation you are in. Violet stimulates creativity and deep insights, helping with mental blocks, opening you to trust the universe and your spiritual reality.

• Integrate your intuitive energy with your intellect (right and left brain hemispheres) as well as your feminine energy with your masculine energy. Violet helps in situations of equilibrium imbalance.

• Stimulate hair growth. Violet is also known to kill bacteria and help heal skin rashes such as eczema.

Imbalances: Lymphatic system blockages, headaches, photosensitivity,neuralgia, senility, mental illness, pituitary and upper brain disorders,right/left brain integration and coordination problems, epilepsy, central nervous system, varicose veins and blood vessel problems, hair loss.

Contraindications: Do not use Violet when feeling depressed or totally out of balance–use Green instead.

Affirmations: I am inspired by my connection to the cosmic energies and let the Violet energy flow through me and cleanse my body to give me new life and new energy. I know that I am spirit and part of the divine plan!


ACQUA DI COLORE – The VIOLET COLOUR WATER Violet  is the color of the Spirit and its energy enables connection with the Spiritual Energy. The purple bath purifies the thoughts and emotions by stimulating new inspirations. Purple enhances the talents, creativity and the gifts that go beyond the physical plane.


Essential Oil COLOUR CHAKRA VIOLET  A sedating yet refreshing combination of oils that opens you up to the heavens and inspires insights. Builds self-awareness, creativity and a strong spiritual connection.


Essential Oil SOOTH & De-Stress Harmony oil Helps with arthritic, rheumatic and muscular aches and pains due to overworked muscles. This therapeutic blend eases distress to the muscles and joints by stimulating blood flow to the affected area.


Meridian Colour & Sound Essence Ying and Yang The Yin /Yang Meridian  Essence physically supports the spinal column, the brain, the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system,skeletal system and the hormonal system.


VIOLET CHAKRA TONE Colour & Sound Essence - Characteristics of a balanced crown chakra, is being connected wholly with the universe, self and God.


ARCHANGEL MICHEL - THE PROTECTOR - Colour & Sound spray essence. Mighty and powerful in the ways of the Lord, Michael comes to set us free from pain, fear, and old stories, opening our hearts to the truth of the amazing beings that we are. Michael awakens our memory of truth.

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