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Colour Orange tips


Spice up your spleen! ORANGE is the vitality that connects you to your inner child, which is your creative and sensing centre. ORANGE is the energy that boosts your emotions and exudes happiness and joy


RED energy stands for vitality, strength and courage. Rev up your root with RED power when you need a push or more physical energy! Manifest life’s prosperity by charging your base chakra with root strength.


• Release emotional blockages. Often when you are feeling disconnected or discontented it indicates that you need more ORANGE Energy in your life! ORANGE is your freedom and
movement energy.

• Balance your polarities. ORANGE is said to help alleviate some depressions as it is known as the best emotional stimulant.

• Activate your lower digestive system and support the function of the body’s waterworks system.

• Help reduce sensitivities, asthma and allergies. ORANGE is the energy that is said to alleviate allergic reactions to environmental irritants.

Eating disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse. Depression. Disconnectedness. Low back pain. Emotional imbalance (happy one minute, sad or mad the next). Asthma or allergies. Candida & yeast infections. Urinary problems. Kidney infections, water imbalances (retention/dehydration/perspiration). Sensuality issues as well as impotency and frigidity.


Colour therapy water

ACQUA DI COLORE – The ORANGE COLOUR WATER Water color is a vibrational remedy formulated into a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, is extremely pleasant and relaxing.The ORANGE is the color of Joy and Creativity. Immerse yourself in the color ORANGE gives the right energy and enthusiasm to face the day. Water color ORANGE gives you a sense of euphoria, intoxication and heavenly relaxation. The color orange is the color of vitality. If you want to live life here and now you're in the right element.

Essential oil synergic blends

Essential Oils  offers several different therapeutic essential oils/blends, each with different healing attributes that are in the frequency of the “ORANGE” ray. ORANGE oil is said to heal any damage that is in one’s aura. Neroli oil is known as a sensual and euphoric oil. Our Melissa Blend is ideal to help calm the body and mind,and lift the soul. Our ORANGE Colour Chakra Blend is a perfect combination to cheer up your day. This is the energy that evokes happiness, enthusiasm and self-assurance. Excellent to lift depression.
Use to kick start your morning with a positive outlook!

Essential Oil COLOUR CHAKRA ORANGE  an uplifting fragrance for cheering up your day. This is the energy that evokes happiness, enthusiasm and self-assurance. Excellent to help dispel depression, grief, sadness and anxiety

Essential Oil JOY TO THE WORLD  Harmony oil bring enthusiasm into your day by combining this blend with more orange tools.

Colour & Sound Essence 

ORANGE CHAKRA TONE AND SEMITONE - Colour & Sound Essence. Chakra essences are subtle energy remedies that work , created from beneficial sound vibrations created from the healing vibration sound of the crystal bowls.

ABBONDANZA (ABOUNDANCE)- Colour & Sound spray essence Abundance, represented by the colorful pin wheel, symbolizes the kaleidoscope of life’s gifts coming to you from all directions. Every color splaying avenues of abundance; plentifulness of all the good things in life. It bestows the ability to see the beauty in everything, seeing with the heart, not with the eyes.

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