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Colour Magenta tips


Magenta is cosmic connector intelligence helps to link us to the cosmic energy, which is far beyond the earthly plane. This is the energy that makes you feel young at heart!


• Promote a deeper self-confidence through self-identity.
• Help open you up to the channels of universal energy.
• Create a willingness in you to serve in altruistic ways.

AFFIRMATION: I allow the MAGENTA ray to cleanse and release any negative influences that are hindering me from connecting to my self-identity. I unlock the Akashic records and connect myself to the universe and all the cosmic energies.


There are not many true MAGENTA products as this colour is not a physical earthly energy. However, AILIGHT offers several tools that work towards raising your vibration to a higher frequency.

ACQUA DI COLORE (COLOUR WATER) –Mix 1 capful RED COLOUR BATH with one capful of VIOLET to make a powerful MAGENTA bath.

Essential Oils

Try COLOUR CHAKRA PINK, whichis a perfect blend to spiritually uplift you and connect you to feel at one with the universe.

Colour & Sound Essence

Archangel Blessing Essence URIEL - Archangel Uriel: Uriel means "God is light." This celestial being sheds light on problem situations, thereby stimulating our capabilities. Uriel invoked whenever you find yourself in difficult situations and you need to think clearly and to find answers. Uriel also helps students and those who need assistance intellectual.

Alchemy Essences with colours and sounds

 OmegaRisveglio (awakening)

Light Essence is to awaken your cosmic links beyond earth. The opening of this chakra helps one harness these supportive energies and helps promote a deeper self-identity as well as opening one to channelling. It creates a greater willingness to serve mankind in an unselfish way.

Aura Cleanser: Is a highly effective spray formulated to erase negativity from in and around us on many distinct energy levels. This Cleanser was especially created to neutralize and purify areas where it is sprayed allowing you to shift to a higher level

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