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Kick-Start Your Year with the Indigo Ray !



Intuit with Indigo! Develop your psychic abilities by bringing in the Indigo ray! This colour is your link to the unknown and your Indigo energy is where discoveries are made–especially in your dreams.

Use Indigo Energy to...

• Release fears and anxieties. A pale Indigo can help with bed-wetting problems. Also aids in relieving physical and emotional pain, and is ideal for teething babies.

• Connect to one’s self-realization. Helps to release repressed ideas or negative thoughts, often through your dreams. Also said to stimulate the pineal gland to evoke better sleep habits.

• Balance one’s imagination and fantasy realm with reality. Imbalanced Indigo energy often leads to depression and negative psychic experiences.

• Help purify the blood system. Indigo is also known to calm nerves and cleanse t he lymphatic system.

IMBALANCES: Learning disabilities. Equilibrium and coordination problems. Sleep disorders. Nightmares. Pineal gland imbalances. Autonomic nervous system. Headaches or migraines. Manic depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, fears and anxieties. Eyes (blindness), ears (hearing) or nose and sinus problems.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use Indigo if you suffer from serious mental illness or depression. Too much Indigo prevents you from living in the present and holds you in the past or future. The colour Indigo is known to induce a deep meditative state so do not use if you need to be mentally alert. Best to use at night!

AFFIRMATIONS: Let the INDIGO energy connect me with the knowledge and understanding that I am to receive help in my everyday life.



Colour therapy water

ACQUA DI COLORE – The INDIGO COLOUR WATER  - Intuition, Vision, Awareness -  Colour water is a vibrational remedy formulated into a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, is extremely pleasant and relaxing.


Essential oil synergic blends

COLOUR CHAKRA INDIGO - Essential Oil  A meditative fragrance for deepening your spiritual connection. An excellent chakra blend to revitalize your soul
and increase your intuition. Place a drop of this oil on your brow chakra to awaken your Third Eye.This special blend is a powerful combination to help connect you to your psychic powers.

Patchouli oil integrates our higher chakras to the earth elements and promotes security, whereas Frankincense oil helps us to connect to the spiritual realms of our higher mind. Myrrh is said to unite one to their life’s purpose. INDIGO COLOUR CHAKRA oil is a combination of the above three essential oils – an excellent blend for
strengthening one’s intuition and revitalizing one’s soul!


MIND & REFRESH - Harmony Essential Oil -   Helps with headaches, hangovers, tense shoulders, neck muscles and general tension due to stress. May also be used to unclog nasal passages. The combination of oils can be used to enhance meditation.


Colour & Sound Essence 

 Chakra INDIGO CHAKRA TONE & SEMITONE  - The Chakra essences hold the imprint of the vibration of each note and the semitone of harmonic scale. As the vibration of colours and sounds co-exist , it has been noted that once the vibration of sound has charged the essence, so too has the vibration of colour inherently charged the essence.

Aura STARGATE - Colour & Sound spray essence Stargate is created in honor of the number six, the optimally functional hexagon, which represents harmony, balance, synthesis and unconditional love.

Archangel Blessing Essence METATRON - Archangel Metatron is here to help leaders come out of hiding to step forward in truth and wisdom.

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