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Colour Blu tips


Be true BLUE! BLUE is the communication energy and the power that connects you to your inner truth. BLUE inspires you to discover who you truly are, as it is the intelligence of your “Higher Self.” The BLUE energy connects you to your right to express.


Use BLUE Energy to...

• Connect you to your inner truth. If your are searching for answers in your life (for example, your life’s purpose) BLUE is the energy that taps into your innate understanding of your potential. BLUE inspires you to seek and use your abilities. It is a great planning and leadership energy.

• Alleviate sunstroke, heat exhaustion and sunburns. This cooling colour helps to regulate your body’s temperature.

• Support the thyroid, reducing hormonal symptoms such as bloating,PMS, mood swings, menopause, etc. Also known as an appetite suppressant that can help with weight loss, especially if a thyroid imbalance exists.

Imbalance: Thyroid problems, swollen glands, infections. Throat, mouth, jaw (TMJ), tongue, neck and shoulder problems. Vocal system and tonsil issues. Fevers, flu, blisters, infections, swelling, herpes, itching, sores, and bruising. Hormonal and menstrual disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause. Water retention and weight problems. Hyperactivity. Insomnia.

• I express myself with wisdom, power, understanding and love.
• I am Creative Expression.



Colour therapy water

ACQUA DI COLORE – The BLU COLOUR WATER - Tranquility, calm, holistic thinking, Truth   Colour water is a vibrational remedy formulated into a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, is extremely pleasant and relaxing.   BLUE ... a relaxing color to slip into a peaceful sleep.

Essential oil synergic blends

COLOUR CHAKRA BLU - Essential Oil  A calming mixture that relaxes your thoughts and gives you the peace of mind that will help you to reach a higher understanding of your inner knowledge. Excellent to release daily stresses and calm upset stomachs. Peppermint oil aids the digestive system and helps to relieve heartburn, indigestion and stomach aches. Geranium essential oil is known as one of the best oils to support the hormonal system. 

RELAX & REGENERATE - Harmony Essential Oil - Helps with the monthly cycle of menstrual cramps, associated backache and other discomforts, including menopausal symptoms. This blend will help balance the thyroid and assist in weight reduction. Alleviates tension in the neck region. The combination of cooling oils is soothing to the psyche and spiritually up-lifting. Apply directly to distressed area and massage gently.

Colour & Sound Essence 

Chakra  BLU CHAKRA TONE & SEMITONE  - The Chakra essences hold the imprint of the vibration of each note and the semitone of harmonic scale. As the vibration of colours and sounds co-exist , it has been noted that once the vibration of sound has charged the essence, so too has the vibration of colour inherently charged the essence.

Aura FIORE DELLA VITA (Flower of Life) - Colour & Sound spray essence. This essence of the sublime fragrance is designed to connect with the earth and with the universe. The stronger our roots are and the higher the universal dimension that we can achieve.

Archangel Blessing Essence  GABRIELArchangel Gabriel: Gabriel means "God is my strength." It is the angel messenger assists all earthly messengers, such as writers, teachers and giornalisti.Invocate Gabriele to overcome the fear arising from relationships with others or relates to issues of conception, adoption, pregnancy and early childhood.

Alchemy Essences with colours and sounds

GUARDIAN ANGEL - Guardian Angel Essence is made from living energies to facilitate human life to enjoy the exciting new dimensions of being. Guardian Angel is a powerful and precise vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the auric protective grid through its influence on all of your subtle bodies.

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