Colour increase sales

Use “Colour and Sound Energy” to increase your sales !

Consumers want alternative health products... so why not offer them tools that support both the body & soul!

We offer a full range of vibrational and alchemy remedies for the 3 energy systems, meridian, chakras, aura!



Imagine your customer swim in the rainbow mixed with the aromatic blend of oils ... the soft sounds of music playing in the background chakra drinking a cup of tea of the same color. Precious stones and candles add atmosphere to create an environment full of healing that awakens their whole being.

INFORM AND EDUCATE your customers.


All organs, body systems and functions are connected to the chakra system. Every thought, feeling or mood we have is linked to an energy centre. The general public is learning more about complementary medicine and how ancient healing methods influence one’s wellbeing.

Marketing research has proven consumers tend to shop more frequently at the outlets that carry cutting edge products and that provide education.

Ailight teaches a simple system on how to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects using the energy of colour and sound. Your customers not only want to feel good but they want lasting effects! However, if your customers are uneducated and are purchasing products that offer them little support... you are losing potential business. It is up to you to become their alternative resource expert–someone they can come to who is knowledgeable and aware of the new products–giving them solutions that will improve their well-being.

We offer a “full spectrum” tips include ways to stimulate the body & soul through all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and intuition–the full awakening of one’s being. Our suggestions include how to use the energy of colours and sounds (including aromatherapy) products and other chakra tools.

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