Silvia Criscione
Lifestyle & Professional Colour Coach


Silvia is a Lifestyle consultant, applies Color, as a tool to improve personal and professional lifestyles, in the sectors: architecture, wellness, communication, education, image, sport, music and entertainment.
After having contributed to the development of Sports Clubs and Wellness Centers and an international business experience in the architecture sector, he follows specialization courses in Feng Shui Taoist, company coaching and bio-bio-bioenergy.

Silvia Criscione Biography

I am Colour Coach, colors are my favorite source of renewable energy. My passion is always been the people wellness and studying the language of colors I could apply with concrete tools all the elements I found in my journey of personal and professional growth. The house and clothing first, for years in fact collaborate with a company of international architecture and I exhaustive the study of Feng Shui.

I participate actively in the diffusion of Feng Shui authentic according Chue Style Foundation and the "School of Colour" education for the conscious use of the energy of the colors. Among the projects in progress: the integration between look study, clothing and color; the color and the use of the words; colors and five elements of Feng Shui in the house.

Colour Coach Professional - My main Energies are Orange and Violet Feng Shui Form A (Chue Style Feng Shui): Mouse - Element Metal Yang Human Design Rave Chart: Manifesting Generator Astrlogocal Sing: Sagittarius ascendant Virgo

Silvia Criscione