Iliana - my name means "the one who colors your life"
Sensorial and spiritual researcher, I was born in Bologna (Italy), and my classmates remind me intelligent, very sensitive, deep eyes, who loved to live in touch with nature, climbing trees. My astrological sign is Scorpio with ascendant Libra.
School studies: diploma and specialized studies in international business and public administration, three-year course for international trading, including the study of languages (English and French), Business Advisor. Marketing courses in Profingest Business School, web comunication, computer science and programming, SAP ERP International management systems. Solving Efeso Consulting business management courses of PKE Project Kaizen Engineering. “The Millionaire Mind” and “Guerrilla Marketing and Business Intensive” with Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, Joel Robert. Collaborator of SIMP (Italian society of psychosomatic medicine). Business Intellingente Acadamy and Coach Strategies Training with Roberto Cerè -  accredited by Siaf as holistic professional trainer - code ER701T-OP e UNI-PRO PO16B0158ER

My energy profile: the Violet/Red are my predominant energies. Rave-Chart profile: Projector

Other studies - the path of knowledge

Work Activity - working in the world
I worked for decades in international companies such as Emerson Group / Chloride Power Electronics, SCM Group, Bonfiglioli Group, operating in the field of international trade, purchasing, marketing, management, distribution networks and international logistics projects. I worked with over 80 countries around the world, developing a wide knowledge of the habits, customs, ways of thinking of the countries with which I come in contact. For over 20 years I worked closely with the Asian countries, for international companies in Japan, China, Vietnam, India, countries of which I caught the culture, known the mind and integrated philosophical aspects in my life. Since several years, I founded my own company Ailight and I take care of training for human evolution paths and multisensorial wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Entrepreneur activity - working for the world
During my journey to the Oneness University in India, I met the world of colour, and it was an extraordinary discovery that changed forever my life. By this encounter, comes Ailight Ltd. and School of Energy Colour founded by me in Italy. Ailight promotes innovative products in the field of vibrational therapies, for the wellness of body, mind and spirit. The School of Colour Energy, divulgate the knowledge of colour language for the human evolution, growth of consciousness, intelligence, creativity and talent. Founder and Director of the School of Color Energy - training school for Holistic Operators with a chromo-bioenergetic address, (affiliated to UNI-PRO code SC-021C). I conduct courses, seminars, individual coaching, and process for the development of human potential through the study of Sound and Colour.

Founder of the path 7 Art of Love - The art of love - a journey of personal growth and relationships. (

Founder of Method Color Wellness - Wellness programs for Aesthetic centers, Wellness and SPA.

Journalist - - Admitted to journalists CIST - FIJEYT cod. ID 596 - World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers, for Turismedia ( as an expert of multisensory wellbeing.

Publication of articles
Re Nudo - Vivi Consapevole - Starbene journal - Book “Corpo e Mente la Chiave del Benessere” (2012, April) In collaboration with Venetian SIMP (Italian Society of Psychosomatic Medicine). 

Book Publishing
The Power of the 7 Colors - Eros and Love in 7 shades of color.


Iliana Manfredi

Founder and Chair Ailight Colori e Suoni

Bologna January 2018