Many ancient cultures practiced the healing power of colours for restoration of the body and spiritual equilibrium. Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Goethe, Babbit and Steiner, all examined the colour teachings and their affect on the body and spirit. In 1903, Professor Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research about light and colour. Dinshah P. Ghadiali recorded much success with his medical research and
application of colours with his Spectro-Chrome Therapy. In 1933, Dinshah wrote the "Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia" based on diagnosing and treating the energy fi eld using "light" therapy. At the turn of the 19th century, the Sicilian physician Dr.Sciascia used colour therapy successfully for rejuvenation treatments. Witnesses hadsaid that he looked like a 30 year old although he was 70, and that his skin was smooth, wrinkle free and he was full of youthful vigor, strength and stamina.
This knowledge of the natural effect of colours as a gentle therapy method is gaining more recognition for modern anti-aging management and in the near future will play an even more important role in the preservation of beauty and youthful appearance.

Why Do Our Cells Respond to Colour?

Research has shown that cells not only radiate colour, but can also receive colour. Using reflex zones and acupuncture points as a point of entry for colour, the body's mechanisms seem to respond to and develop with "colour energy." The German physicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp proved that the cells of all living beings emit "biophotons" (light quanta). This radiation represents a regulating energy field, which influences the total biochemical processes inside us.

The human body needs colour to live, because colours mean life energy. Bad light conditions, denatured nutrition, artificial light, electro-smog and stress are already enough to weaken the life energy that is the colour vibrations of the cells. Weakened life energy can eventually lead to physical and mental illnesses.

The Effect of the Aging Process

The symbol of youth is an abundance of vitality, which expresses itself through beautiful, flawless and firm skin, attractiveness, mental freshness, productivity, joy of life, zest, health and fertility. Most people would like to possess this desired youthfulness for as long as possible, but “life” reflects energy consumption. Aging means using energy as is available, or more than what is generally being produced.
If the life energy of an organ degenerates, it disappears from the surface of the skin and departs to the inside of the organ to ensure an elementary basic supply. Through the diminishing of the life energy in an organ the corresponding reflex zone in the skin retracts and a wrinkle is born.

Colour Therapy Treatment

The reflex zones on the hands and in the face are gently treated through a light pressured colour massage, so that the hardening and tensions in the corresponding areas dissolve. A reflex zone is similar to a tunnel. The internal body–the organs–mirror themselves on the periphery skin surface outwards from these zones. Likewise, a healing stimulus from the external has an effect on the internal body. Through a precision calculated irradiation of the energetic colour, the body cell can be optimally nourished with the right energy and vibration. A quick anti-aging effect takes place through specific colour massage of the face reflex zones resulting in a face that appears more relaxed, a complexion that is fresher and younger looking and a reduction in wrinkles.
Since the psyche mirrors itself in the organs, by healing energy deficiencies in any organs, the soul will also be balanced.

 Who Can Use Colour Therapy?

• PRACTITIONERS – Excellent non-invasive treatment. Can be used to complement many types of alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Refl exology, Homeopathy, Massage, etc.
• SPAS & WELLNESS CENTRES – Various therapy applications including anti-aging, beauty and wellness treatments.
• PERSONAL USE – General & preventative health maintenance.


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