Make Love in Colour

Make Love in Colour

We know colour influences our mood, so why not add a bit of colour to your love life? Colour can enhance our lovemaking through different emotional and physical responses. Create an atmosphere of romance and make love in colour! Experiment with the different colours to stimulate an evening of intimacy.


Start the evening in a Colour Water bath with your lover, add sensual aromatherapy oils, light matching coloured candles and play romantic music. Continue the colour vibration in the bedroom by sprinkling flower petals on the bed, diffusing sensual oils, feeding each other aphrodisiac foods or wearing lingerie of the colour. Become that sexual energy!


Red: Is the colour for sexual energy and passion. Red also connects you to your primal instinct. A nice sexual Red oil to stimulate your root chakra is Body Oil's Ylang Ylang. Place a drop behind your ears or at your pubic bone. Pomegranates or strawberries are Red aphrodisiac foods. Read books on tantric sex. According to several surveys, men get turned on by women who wear Red.

Orange: Stimulates our emotions and aids in the release of our sensual energy. Orange helps to remove inhibitions and is a very playful energy for a fun evening of “nooky.” Wear sexy peach coloured lingerie and splash some Colour Chakra Orange oil on your bode. You can take the chance to massage your parnter body with Orange oil corp, that will enhance your body emotions. Mangoes are an Orange love fruit.

Yellow: Is the power that heightens awareness and curiosity. A great energy to use to explore each other’s body. Yellow is also the colour of friendship. Give a gift of a Yellow rose, citrine gemstone or a Yellow Colour Water bath to a special friend.

Green: “Affaire de coeur”– connects to the heart centre and unconditional love, compassion and generosity. It is the energy of romance. Enjoy a Green candlelit dinner or take a romantic walk in the woods. Holding hands and hugging are great Green exercises. Give a “Green” massage with lots of touching and soft kisses.

Blue: Inspires affection, trust and loyalty and is the colour that reflects faithfulness and unrequited love. Tell your partner you will be forever theirs or you’ll be forever “Blue.” Geranium oil emits a beautiful floral fragrance, which can be worn as perfume with a massage on whole body.

Indigo: Is the colour you share with your partner for an intense soul to soul connection. Use the Indigo ray for intimate sharing by increasing the spiritual bond to each other. Take a fantasy trip with the mysterious midnight energy by taking a moonlight stroll. Patchouli oil was used as an aphrodisiac in the 60’s!

Violet: Indicates spiritual love for those divinely inspired. Violet is the colour of romantic charm. Colour chakra Violet with Jasmine is the correlating sensual oil. Use Violet to help you to open up to your sexuality in a creative way. Experimenting is a Violet trait!

Turquoise: Allows you to express yourself freely by combining the heart’s Green emotional energy with Blue’s ability to express. Bathe in a Turquoise Colour Water bath and imagine you and your partner are on a romantic holiday in the Mediterranean!

Pink: Is the universal colour of love connecting to self-love and self-respect! Colour Chakra Pink oil is a soft romantic oil that helps to release one’s inner beauty. Place a Pink rose quartz by your bed or wear a Pink heart pendant.


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