In this section you have the opportunity to check how your power to love works.

because in Love everything changes and you are very different, compared to life in society.

In fact, you have seven different centers in your body that react to the ability to give and receive love.

It is not just the physical desire that influences love, this is only your ability to feel pleasure and peace together with another person.

Love is complex and incredibly exciting, and it is as if you had so many hidden powers for the love you never discovered.

Read and learn, because now you have seven different ways to fall in love and even seven different ways to love another person.

But, which of these seven energies is your strongest energy?

Remember the 1st energy represents your thinking and practical approach with the partner. The 2nd energy affects the 1st energy in a positive or negative way.


PS: The test is based on the founding principles of the seven different intelligences available within us, it is a valid and reliable test. No information is stored on our site. Once the test is finished, we advise you to print it, otherwise the test result will be lost. The purpose of this test is to let you know yourself better. To understand the result of the test, as self-titled, it is advisable to read the book. If instead you like a complete reading of your characteristics we suggest you a consultation of our expert Color Coaches Professional, write to


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